Spring Again on the Zigzag!

Everywhere we look there’s blossom. And a few bees.


Here’s the Golden Queen peach blossom.

In other parts of the zigzag there are freesias, calendula, cornflowers, camellias, hyacinths, lilies, borage, alyssum. The annuals self seed now, all over the place. And there are quintessential spring flowers, too, like these daffodils.


Some new baby shrubs, too. Here’s a new hugelkultur (berm of buried wood), underneath the Golden Queen peach. You can just see some of the new lavenders planted on top of it, in rows.


Also this winter, a neighbour who’s a professional pruned our plum trees, that came with some (also flourishing) feijoa trees, from Wellington City Council fruit tree guardian programme.

IMG_3110 And the plums are blossoming too.

This is the fourth year that locals have consistently worked on the zigzag, with some outside help. I’ve always thought it’ll take five years to get it looking good and I think that was a good guess. Some parts are just gorgeous now and we have some terrific reviews on Trip Advisor, but there’s still a wee way to go.

We compost what we can, but there are some weeds and roots and seeds that are better not to compost. Today, there’s a huge pile of garden rubbish to take down to the road for the council to pick up. Just a couple more tidy-up days first….





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