It’s Spring Again! Almost…

& there’s been a lot of WHITE. Still is, so come up and have a look! And if white isn’t your thing, read on, because there’s so much more. Some of it obvious. Some more hidden.


It started a month or so ago, halfway up the zigzag, with the galangal flowers. The first time they’ve appeared and their scent was extraordinary. Until the weather got them, one by one.

And then the white violets.


Followed by a profusion of manuka flowers, on one of the four manuka trees. For the first time. But so far, the bees don’t seem to have found them.


And then some freesias, also with intoxicating scent.


The plums are in flower too, on a patch that will be tidied up and planted before too long, I think. They’re early and there’s no signs of bees there, either. Is climate change accelerating spring in plants and trees but not for bees?


It’s not all white though and just as well. It’s lovely to see this hyacinth again and remember the dear friend who gave it.

IMG_4517 (2)

Further down the zigzag, it’s all colour… just gorgeous, thanks to those busy gardeners. Daffodils…


And flowers I can’t name. They lift my spirits though. Especially in the sunlight.



Some of them are in among the natives, or near daffodils, jonquils and pansies and violas.



At the top of the zigzag, beside the steps, the long-time mysterious gardener I’d love to meet, and who has tried shrubs and grasses that failed, has moved on to succulents. And it looks like success this time. Yay.


And the old favorite, borage, is coming away all over the place, ready for when the bees arrive.


But so far, I’ve seen only two, on the rosemary in the back garden.  Here’s one of them.



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