Saving St Gerard’s *&* Joe’s Place?

St Gerard’s Monastery, high on the hill above Wellington’s Oriental Bay, is yellow-stickered: the Wellington City Council (WCC) has assessed it as earthquake-prone. Its owners, the ICPE (Institute for World Evangelisation – International Catholic Programme of Evangelisation), have fifteen years to strengthen or demolish it. No-one knows for sure how much it will cost – I’ve … More Saving St Gerard’s *&* Joe’s Place?

Spring Again on the Zigzag!

Everywhere we look there’s blossom. And a few bees. Here’s the Golden Queen peach blossom. In other parts of the zigzag there are freesias, calendula, cornflowers, camellias, hyacinths, lilies, borage, alyssum. The annuals self seed now, all over the place. And there are quintessential spring flowers, too, like these daffodils. Some new baby shrubs, too. Here’s … More Spring Again on the Zigzag!

Making a Bee-Friendly Public Space: Tools & Structures

Now I’ve seen one (bumble) bee on the zigzag, more may arrive. So  I want to encourage them stay within a safe area as they feed. Is it possible? The city council owns the zigzag. Even though it’s for pedestrians only, it’s officially a road. Quite a long stretch of road. And I’ve agreed to care for … More Making a Bee-Friendly Public Space: Tools & Structures

The Bee-Loved Flowers Are Growing; & So Are the Conversations

I had NO IDEA that growing beeloved flowers would stimulate so many conversations. Not always about bees. On the zigzag the conversations are with passersby. Some I know. Some I don’t.  Sometimes I’m happy to chat. Sometimes I’m not.  And I loved it when a strong and chatty house guest dug a trench for me,  in … More The Bee-Loved Flowers Are Growing; & So Are the Conversations

Weeds & No Bees

Outside my front door is a public path, a zigzag on a hillside. Originally planned as a road, it’s well-used by people on their way to the beach. Or to climb further up the hillside and perhaps then to drop down into the city. It’s Busy. They run. They plod. They chat online and in person. … More Weeds & No Bees