On this map there is a blank space between the top of Hawker Street and lower Oriental Terrace, a little road that leads off Oriental Parade.


On this map, you can see how the zigzag runs between the Oriental Terrace road and Hawker Street.

Screenshot 2017-04-09 17.13.49

You can walk up Hawker Street to the zigzag, from Courtenay Place. Or take a no 20 bus, to ‘B’ on the map. It runs from Courtenay Place, about hourly, 7 days a week and continues on to Kilbirnie, a suburb I love, via the top of Mount Victoria. A glorious scenic ride.

There are no 14 and 24 buses too, via the railway station and Courtenay Place. They stop down on Oriental Parade. The no 14 continues to Wilton going one way and Hataitai going the other way and the 24 goes on to Miramar. The stop for the bus to the station is ‘A’ on the map.

Locate bus timetables here.

If you walk up Oriental Terrace to the bottom of the zigzag, you will see a flight of steps.  This ‘Lookout Walkway’ sign is at the top of the steps. The walk up the zigzag takes between five minutes and a quarter of an hour. It is steep but interesting!

The ‘Lookout’ is on top of Mount Victoria, about a half hour walk from the top of the zigzag.